Skillshops & Workshops

Every man needs skills! Skillshops are designed to give you a hands-on lesson for things every guy should know how to do. Check out the various Skillshops and get skilled!

– Auto Shop 101
Whips, Rides, American Muscle, Import Racing, Rarris and Lambos.  We get it, you like cars, then it helps to know your way around one. Learn how to change a tire, jumpstart a car, check the oil and brakes. Gentlemen, start your engines!

– The Dapper Gentleman
When it comes to interviews and making a first impression it takes skill to dress to impress. In this skillshop, you’ll learn how to tie a necktie, dress for an interview and make a first impression.

– Fit Challenge
Beast MODE, Gainz, and Do You Even Lift Bro? It’s impressive to see professional athletes do amazing physical feats, but every pro still needs to master the basics. Come out to test your fitness and learn the fundamentals of getting fit.

– Working with Tools & Becoming a Handy Man
This skillshop will teach you the basics for being a handy man around the house, from working with tools, to fixing a faucet to changing an electrical outlet. Come challenge your skills to becoming a craftsman.


– Hang Time with Jesus
Come learn how to have an actual relationship with God and how that fits into your everyday life. Walk out with a plan on how to grow deeper in your relationship with Christ.

– Keeping Your Chill: Navigating The Bomb Site (Anger Management)
looking how to deal with anger and conflict resolution

– Lust & Porn: When Sex Becomes Unsexy!
It feels good to indulge, but what happens when it becomes an addiction versus a God given gift. We will have a talk as real men, dealing with real issues. We’ll discuss the lies, the truth and what God has to say about it all. Let’s explore ways to fight against our failing flesh.

– How to Treat a Woman
As men, we are bombarded with conflicting messages that shape our ideas of how women should be treated by men. In this workshop, we will address some of these messages, examine the various ways these messages are sent to us and consider our response to it all in light of God’s Word. We will equip you to more fully understand and more full walk our your call as Christian men.

– Entourage: Who Are You Surrounding Yourself With?
Whether you see it or not, most people have an entourage around them that influences them to some extent. The difference in people’s entourages can often times determine the course of your life. Who you surround yourself with is a very important aspect to your well being in life. Chances are people are around you, but are they the right people?